Britain, 1750-1900:
A nation transformed.



1. Overview & Queen Victoria 6. Transport
2. Living conditions 7. Education
3. Paupers and workhouses 8. Great inventions
4. Crime and punishment 9. Sport and leisure
5. Health and medicine 10. Victorian Hull
11. Victorian women



Learning Curve: Victorian Britain
***** A brilliant on-line resource to help you decide whether life in Victorian times was "fair or foul"!


Say 'Cheese'! Queen Victoria's family photograph.
*** Analyse this photo for clues.

Queen Victoria - facts for kids
Facts for kids about the queen provided by Woodlands Junior School.


Victoria and her world
100s of pictures of Queen Victoria and her family and friends


BBC: Queen Victoria
Guide to the longest reigning British monarch from the BBC.



Living conditions

Victorian London
**** A well-designed site from Holnet exploring London in 1881.


19th Century People. What can we tell from this photograph?
*** On-line lesson from Learning Curve.


Victorian Homes. Was there much difference between rich and poor homes?
*** On-line lesson from Learning Curve.


The Sinking of the Titanic, 1912. Who was on board?
*** On-line lesson from Learning Curve.


Britain in 1901
***** An excellent site designed to help appreciate what Britain was like in the year Victoria died and the 1901 census was taken - includes movies, interactive displays etc.


The 1900 house
**** A chance to explore a typical house from 1900 - based on the popular TV show.  Virtual tours, animations etc.

1901 Census
**** Find out what it was like to be alive in 1901 at the time of the census.  A fascinating on-line exhibition.


1841 census exercise

From the National Museum of Wales. Some other good information about Victorian Britain on this site.







Paupers and workhouses

Did treatment of the poor improve after the passing of the 1834 Poor Law?
***** A visual and fun site from the Learning Curve.  Check out the 'Activities' (games), too!


The 1834 Poor Law. What did people think of the New Poor Law?
*** On-line lesson from Learning Curve.


The New Poor Law & Workhouses
**** This is a comprehensive site - try the virtual tour of the workhouse to get a feeling for what it was like.


Video - diet of a workhouse child

Amusing look at the food on offer in the workhouse. Taken from the "Charles Dickens Show".


Inmates of a Hull workhouse

Information about the different people in a workhouse in Hull.


Sculcoates workhouse

Information about this workhouse in what was the large Sculcoates parish.


Kingston general hospital

This article tells the story of the hospital shortly before it was demolished to make way for Endeavour School. The hospital was originally a workhouse.







Crime and punishment

Were the streets safe in Victorian times?
***** A great site from Learning Curve.  Check out the amusing games ('Activities'), too.


Learning Curve: crime and punishment through time
****A clever site which allows you to trace the development and change of different aspects of crime, policing and punishment.

Mugshots Gallery
**** Fascinating photos of criminals from Victorian prisons.  Try and guess what their crime was.


Victorian children in trouble with the law.
*** On-line lesson from Learning Curve.


A Victorian Prison. Why were Victorian prisons so tough?
*** On-line lesson from Learning Curve.


BBC: Crime and the Victorians
*** On-line article from the BBC.


Victorian punishments

Interesting overview of Victorian punishments.


Video - how to punish criminals in the 18th and 19th centuries

A three minute video clip from the BBC class clips website.






Health and medicine

Muck and Brass - BBC Game
***** An educational game from the BBC in which you have to improve the health of a Victorian city whilst not emptying the civic coffers.  Good.


Learning Curve: Victorian Britain
***** A brilliant on-line resource to help you decide whether life in Victorian times was "fair or foul"!  Check out the section called 'A healthy nation?'


BBC: Medicine Through Time
**** The great BBC bitesize approach to the History of medicine.


The Old Operating Theatre
**** Take a virtual tour of an old-style operating theatre in London.  Provides useful links pages to other medicine sites.


Florence Nightingale
*** The homepage for the Florence Nightingale museum in London.  Useful biographical information.


BBC: Victorian medicine
*** Useful articles about Florence Nightingale, Cholera and Victorian Medicine.


Victorian Durham

A look at healthcare in Durham during Victorian times. Explore the rest of thi site for more intereting information.


Video - cholera

From the BBC class clips, this looks at how the cause of cholera was discovered.


Video - medicine and health

"Chat show" led by Charles Dickens which explores some of the Victorian ideas about health. Lasts nearly 20 minutes.


Video - Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole

Shorter extract from the "Charles Dickens Show" (above).













How did railways change the lives of ordinary people?
***** A great site from Learning Curve.  Check out the 'Activities' (games) too!


Build Stephenson's Rocket!
***** An amusing game from the BBC -have you got the engineering skill to build The Rocket correctly?


BBC article: Victorian Technology
*** Read about Victorian steamships and railways.



BBC Victorian Children's lives
***** A great interactive site with quizzes and games about the working lives of Victorian children.


How We Were Taught. What was school like nearly 100 years ago?
*** On-line lesson from Learning Curve.


School dinners. Why were school dinners brought in?
*** On-line lesson from Learning Curve.


Great inventions

Build Stephenson's Rocket!
***** An amusing game from the BBC -have you got the engineering skill to build The Rocket correctly?


Build a Beam Engine!
***** Like the game above, but this time with a 1834 Beam Engine.


3D Ironbridge virtual tour
***** View how the world's first ironbridge might have been built.


Sport and leisure

How did the Victorians have fun?

BBC History - Sport in Victorian times


How did the railways affect Victorians' leisure time?


A Short History of Soccer


Victorian Hull


Great index linking to many pages about Victorian Hull. Good starting point for general browsing.


Google images

Links to pictures of Victorian Hull. Worth looking at the webpages which feature these pictures.


Hull City Council

Variety of links which include information about Victorian Hull (and more!)


A Victorian treasure

BBC page which tells the story of 55 photographs of Victorian Hull and area which were discovered in 2006. Links to the pictures are at the bottom of the page. Can you find the elephant in the city centre?


The Humber packet boats

Informative site about the various boats that plied the waterways in and around Hull.


Hull museums collections

Links here to various information pages about the history of Hull. Includes information about fashion and important events in the city's history.


Bicycles and cars

More information from Hull museums. Remember to visit the museum in Hull - they contain a great wealth of information about Victorian Hull (and an Egyptian mummy!!).


Virtual book

Click on the area of the map you are interested in and you can view pictures of Victorian Hull. It is worth clicking the main menu and selecting other periods of history.


Anlaby Road

Great site about one of Hull's main roads. Lots of pictures and information.


History of Garden Village

A lot of text but also intereting facts about Hull' very own "model village".


The Garden Village Society

Check out the photo gallery in particular.


BOCM's Garden Village

PDF to download. Not quite Victorian but still an interesting story about what could have been a second "Garden Village". This is a conservation area document so not recommended to read completely, but the section on the history of the area and the photographs at the end are quite interesting.


Blue plaques

Information about the blue plaques located around Hull. Quite a few are linked to Victorian Hull - how many can you find?


Hull and emigration

Just one photograph of a plaque but there are plenty of hidden reminders about Hull's importance in Victorian times as a route for people emigrating. Hopefully more links to follow!!


Paul Gibson's website

An interesting site which contains lots of information about Hull. You will have to look through the pages to find the Victorian information.


Cave Kids

An interesting site with some interesting old pictures of Hull.





















Victorian women

The lives of women

This site from the Learning Curve takes a general look at the lives of women in Victorian times.


Were men and women equal in Victorian times?
***** A great site from the Learning Curve.  Check out the amusing games ('Activities'), too.


Victorian Fashions
**** A very good site with lots of information on Women's lives as well as good pictures and articles about all sorts of fashions from beach wear  to evening dresses, includes a special section on women's undergarments!


19th Century Fashions and music
**** Find out what women were wearing in France, too.  Click the icons to hear contemporary music.


More ladies' fashions


Historical Costumes games
***** Two great games - can you decide which clothes to put on the Victorian rather than the Tudor man?!


BBC : Women's lives in Victorian times
*** On-line article from the BBC.


BBC: Women's work
*** On-line article from the BBC.