1. What made 9/11 so shocking? 2. Why did they do it?
3. What were the consequence of 9/11?





What made 9/11 so shocking?

9/11 Education Programme

Excellent website to accompany the first lesson on 9/11. As well as exploring this page remember to check out the interactive timeline at the top of the page. Look at the video section as well although it does take some figuring out!!


September 11, 2001

Excellent website. Tells the story of 9/11 and includes a timeline, pictures, diagrams, and world reaction.


9/11 memorial museum

Lots of links to access on this site.


Museum artefacts

Slide show of objects from the WTC museum.







Why did they do it?

9/11 Education Programme

Excellent website to accompany the second lesson. Lots if resources to access to add to your understanding of this topic.


Bin Laden's letter to America.

Full transcript of bin Laden's explanation for the 9/11 attacks.

Consequences of 9/11.

9/11 Education Programme

This page looks at some of the consequences of 9/11. Some thought-provoking articles to further develop your knowledge and understanding of this topic.


The World Trade Center

Another excellent site with lots of links.


One World Trade Center to be NY's tallest building

BBC news report during the construction of the new tower on the site of 9/11.


Newsnight report on One World Trade Center

Report on the optimism surrounding the new building as it neared completition and looks back to the events of 9/11/