Enemies of the state, 1600-1800

(People or groups who were hated by the government because they were dangerous).

1. Witches in Stuart times. 5. Jacobites.
2. Catholics - the Gunpowder Plot. 6. The American rebels.
3. Highwaymen. 7. The French Revolution.
4. Pirates. 8. Napoleon, Trafalgar & Waterloo.



Witches in Stuart times. (Follow link and choose section 4).



Catholics - the Gunpowder Plot. (Follow the link and chooe section 3).


Dick Turpin by Wikipedia

An informative and thorough article about the most famous highwayman.


Stand and Deliver

This website has information about different highwaymen.


Horrible Histories - Highwayman song

Entertaining and informative song about Dick Turpin - set the style of Adam and the Ants 1981 hit song.



National Geographic Pirates! page

"Pirate Ports" and "Blackbeard: Terror at Sea" are highlights on this fun site.


The Elizabethan Era website

A very detailed page about Blackbeard with some useful links at the end of the article.


Anne Bonney and Mary Read

An intereting site about two famous female pirates.


The ultimate Captain Kidd website

A very detailed site about Captain Kidd.


Henry Morgan

Click on the "Biographies" link on the left to find out about more pirates!


The Jacobites.

Spartacus website

Brief overview of the Jacobite movement. Good starting place.


Education Scotland website

Brief overview of the Jacobite movement with more detailed links at the end of the article. Well worth a look.


1745 rebellion

BBC website about the 1745 rebellion which tells the story using pictures and voice-over. Choose between the detailed or simple account.


The American rebels.

BBC website

Good introduction which breaks down the American Revolution into a series of easy-to-read sections. Good starting place.


The American Revolution

Thorough site broken down into "lessons". Each tells a different part of the revolution in easy-to-read sections. Also activities (aimed at teachers) and quizzes to accompany each lesson.

PBS website

Quite detailed on apects of the American Revolution. Highlights are "Chronicle of the Revolution" for information and "The Road to Revolution Game" to test your knowledge. For more advanced students this site might also be useful as it accompanie the PBS website. See National Discussions of Our Revolutionary Origins.


History Channel website

Brief overview of the Revolution. Perhaps more interesting are the clips about the Revolution. Well worth a look.



Very detailed site which is broken down into easy-to-access sections. As well as lots of information there are interactive maps and videos.


The American Revolution

Very detailed site broken down into four sections. More useful for AS Level students.


Links to American Revolution

Lots of links to sites about American Revolution - pretty comprehensive for school students.









The French Revolution.

Marie Antoinette
**** A great site from the American TV channel PBS - the site includes a detailed biography, timeline and some great images.


Eyewitness - Louis's execution
*** An interesting eyewitness account of what happened.


The French Revolution and Napoleon.

Information page by Mr Boden.


BBC class clips

Links to short BBC clips for use by schools.


Walk the Plank Game!
*** Test your knowledge of the French Revolution with this amusing game.


Liberty, Equality, Fraternity - Exploring the French Revolution
***** The best site currently available on the French Revolution. 


Thinkquest website

A well-organised and informative site. East to use.

The French Revolution- How did the British react in 1789?
*** Read a British newspaper from 1789 and find out.

Sparknotes - The French Revolution

*** A useful set of A-level notes.


BBC - opinions about the revolution

Quite a detailed article examing how opinion in Britain changed about the French Revolution.





Napoleon, Trafalgar & Waterloo.

Napoleon information page by Mr Boden.


PBS - Napoleon site
***** A brilliant site - with impressive Flash graphics - and comprehensive information. A must.


The History Channel - Napoleon
***** A really good site with some cool flash graphics, with sections on Napoleon's life, key people in his life, timelines, important battles etc.


Battle of Waterloo game
*****Your chance to act as Napoleon or Wellington. Deploy your troops, then review your tactics and fight the battle for Europe. Another great game from the BBC.


Liberty, Equality, Fraternity - Exploring the French Revolution
***** The best site currently available on the French Revolution and Napoleon. 


Channel 4's timetraveller guide to Napoleon's empire
**** An easily-navigable site which covers key aspects of Napoleonic Europe - e.g. hazards and dangers, sex and sleaze, movers and shakers etc.

The Napoleon Guide
**** A information-packed site. Very useful.


BBC History - Napoleon articles
*** A selection of interesting articles and useful biographies of relevant Napoleonic personalities.

The Revolutionary and Napoleonic War
*** A useful overview.


Napoleon Bonaparte Internet Guide
**** This site contains links to all the best Napoleonic websites on the net.

The War Times Journal
Lots of articles and primary documents relating to the Napoleonic Wars.


Napoleon, Nelson and Waterloo - the French Threat
Look at the second and third links for articles about the threat from France.


The Death of Lord Nelson
** A chance to see an original document showing Nelson's funeral on display by the Public Records Office.


The International Napoleon Society
** A few  interesting articles.