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1. Slavery and abolition and its abolition 2. Campaign against child cruelty and labour
3. Dying for the vote, 1832-1918


Slavery and its abolition

The triangular trade.

**** Quite a detailed page covering many aspects of the triangular trade. It has a nice animated map at the top and lots of information below. Unfortunately the links for the pictures do not work Apart from that a great site!


Slave trade

*** A bit text-heavy this site but worth a look. Clicking on the links in the text can reveal some really useful information. Try the first in the body of the text - "From Europe to Africa" - for a more detailed breakdown of the trading triangle.


Penalty shoot out

**** Test your knowledge with this game about the trading triangle.


Liverpool museums

*** Another good site which covers many aspects of slavery. Have a look at this page for a diagram and brief description of the trade.


African history

*** A detailed site about the triangular trade with some good diagrams which can be studied in more detail. Only drawback is this site has lots of adverts.


African cultural centre

** A great map with some brief notes. Worth a look.


Breaking the silence - the slave trade

** An educational guide to the slave trade from Anti-Slavery International.  Scroll over the icons to learn all about different aspects of the slave trade.  Very informative and up-to-date. Try "Slave routes" on the left hand menu. You can always get back to the main menu by clicking the link at the top of this menu.


International slavery museum

** Quick introtroduction to the capture of slaves. This informative site sas links to other aspects of the capture of slaves. 


Slave trade

** A good site. This link covers the early part of slavery, including capture and transportation of the slaves.



*** Really thorough account of capture and transportation. Remember to look at the primary sources near the bottom of the page.


The slave trade

** Some fascinating facts and figures in this short article.


African slave trade

* Short article but does contain some useful information.


The Abolitionist

* Short BBC article with links to other aspects of the slave trade.


An account by Venture Smith of his enslavement

**** Areally detailed first-hand account by Venture Smith of his capture and enslavement. Well worth a read and could be used for interviews in the abolitionist newspaper.


PBS site

*** A short but informative account of the middle passage. Clicking on some of the pictures opens a new page with information about that image - useful primary sources for your newspaper.



*** The information is brief but there are some excellent interactive exercises at the bottom (a wordsearch, crossword and quiz) to test your knowledge.


Recovered Histories

*** Some information and pictures and a quiz at the bottom to test what you know about this topic.


Tom Feelings

** A series of short information pages which tell the story of the middle passage, Breaks down this topic into small but informative sections.


Ouladah Equiano

*** No pictures but an excellent account by one of the most famous people to suffer at the hands of the slave trade.


The wreck of the Henrietta Marie

**** A fascinating account of life in board a slave ship including the awful conditions and rebellions. Lots of pictures and inspiration for further research.


Spartacus Educational: Slavery in America
A vast encyclopaedia about the slave trade and slavery in America from the Spartacus website.  You can find biographies of all the major campaigners against slavery, including Wilberforce.


Parliament and the slave trade

Very informative site about the role of Parliament in helping to end the slave trade. You can find some useful information about some the abolitionists.


An online teaching resource produced by the Understanding Slavery project this website is a free resource for teachers planning lessons on the transatlantic slave trade for young people at key stage 3 and 4 in their education.


Free the slaves is Anti-Slavery Internationalís sister organisation in the US. Through this relationship they work together in order to have a greater impact in ending slavery.  Read the moving stories of modern day slaves.
The official website for the new movie about Wilberforce.  Watch the trailer and read all about the film, the cast, and download clips, resources etc.


































The campaign against child cruelty and labour

Learning Curve: Victorian Britain
***** A brilliant on-line resource to help you decide whether life in Victorian times was "fair or foul"!


BBC Victorian Children's lives
***** A great interactive site with quizzes and games about the working lives of Victorian children.


Child Labour Debate
***** A great idea from Spartacus - choose a character from the list and organise your own class debate on child labour.


See how a Cotton Mill worked
***** A clever animation from the BBC which shows how the spinning machines were powered.


Cadbury Learning Zone!
**** Read about working and living conditions in Victorian Birmingham and why George Cadbury moved his chocolate factory and workers to Bourneville.


See how coal miners were lowered into the mine!
***** Another flashy BBC animation showing how the colliery winding gear worked and with a quiz to test you, too.


The 1833 Factory Act. Did it solve the problem of children in factories?
*** On-line lesson from Learning Curve.


Childhood in Victorian times

Interactive lesson from the Learning Curve. You may need to register (but this is easy) then you follow the series of interactive activities.


Radicalism and unrest

Podcast about unrest in the 19th century from the Learning Curve. Aimed at KS4 students. Lasts nearly an hour.


Video - urban migration

Short video from BBC class clips looking at how people moved from the countryside into the cities.


Children in the mines

Useful resources from the National Museum of Wales. Includes interview with real children who worked in the mines. Well worth a look.












Dying for the vote! 1832-1918


Spartacus on Chartism
**** A brilliant resource - loads of information about Chartist leaders, tactics and events.


Spartacus on Parliamentary Reform
**** Another excellent site - helps put the Chartist movement in its full context.


Political Reform since 1800
***** A great site from the Public Records Office covering popular protest movements and reforms.



Victorian Women's Rights Game
**** BBC game - knock on the doors of opportunity  - but don't expect to much too soon!


History Learning Site - Women since 1900
*** Useful information site covering the period 1900-1945.


BBC : Women's lives in Victorian times
*** On-line article from the BBC.

Spartacus: The Emancipation of Women
***** Incredible detail about famous women of the 19th century, women's lives and their struggle for equality.  


Tactics of the Suffragettes
***** A great site from the Public Records Office which has original documents about the tactics used by the Suffragettes.


"Outrage at Kew!"

Another page from the Public Records Office. This looks at one controversial Suffragette attack.


Index of Suffragette websites
provided by


**** From the same Spartacus site - very useful indeed.


The New Woman of the 1910s and 20s
**** An extensive site of images and text about American women.


Walk the Plank Game!
*** Test your knowledge on Twentieth Century Women with this amusing game.