The French Revolution and Napoleon.


War and the revolutionary state.

Napoleon information page by Mrs Hugill

Year-by-year guide to Napoleon's life and career. Can also be downloaded as a PDF for reference.


BBC class clips

Links to short BBC clips for use by schools.


BBC - opinions about the revolution

Quite a detailed article examing how opinion in Britain changed about the French Revolution.


Liberty, Equality, Fraternity - Exploring the French Revolution
***** The best site currently available on the French Revolution.


Channel 4's timetraveller guide to Napoleon's empire
**** An easily-navigable site which covers key aspects of Napoleonic Europe - e.g. hazards and dangers, sex and sleaze, movers and shakers etc.


Voice of the Shuttle

Links to some useful sites. Worth a look although some of the links are broken.

PBS - Napoleon site

***** A brilliant site - with impressive Flash graphics - and comprehensive information. A must.


The Napoleon Guide
**** A information-packed site. Very useful.


BBC History - Napoleon articles
*** A selection of interesting articles and useful biographies of relevant Napoleonic personalities.

The Revolutionary and Napoleonic War
*** A useful overview.


Napoleon Bonaparte Internet Guide
**** This site contains links to all the best Napoleonic websites on the net.


The War Times Journal
Lots of articles and primary documents relating to the Napoleonic Wars.


Napoleon, Nelson and Waterloo - the French Threat
Look at the second and third links for articles about the threat from France.


The Death of Lord Nelson
** A chance to see an original document showing Nelson's funeral on display by the Public Records Office.


The International Napoleon Society
** A few  interesting articles.