Native Americans

1. General 5. South West
2. Arctic and Sub-Arctic 6. Great Basin
3. North-West Coast 7. Plains
4. Eastern Woodland 8. The West


General sites
Carnegie museum website

Use the links on the left-hand side near the top of the page to research the Tlingit, Hopi, Iroquois and Lakota.


Crystal links website

Useful map with links to several tribes across America.

Kathi Mitchel website

More links to tribes across the USA.


School history - Indian quizzes & games

***Test your knowledge of the Indians with this on-line quiz.


Native American Folklore
*** Read some of the traditional stories of the Indians e.g. 'How the Coyote stole Fire' or 'How the Fly saved the River'.


You Tube films of Native American dances
Look at the links on the right hand side - there are some good videos of different rituals. Explore this site further for other useful links.


Photographs of Native Americans in Canada

Click on each of the links in the "Gallery" section to see different pictures.


Information and links from The Canadian Encyclopedia

The top of this page gives information about the Plans Indians. Scroll to the bottom for lots of links to different Native American tribes.


The History Channel videos

Well worth a look for many topics - not just the Native Americans. The links below will take you to exact information pages and videos. Use the link above to browse generally for information.

- The American-Indian wars

- The Battle of the Little Bighorn

- Crazy Horse

- The exploration of North America

- George Armstrong Custer

- Jamestown colony

- Narragansett (Bay)

- Native American cultures

- Plymouth colony

- Pocahontas

- Sitting Bull

- The Trail of tears

- Wounded Knee


BBC Bitesize - American West

Aimed at GCSE students. Worth a look.











Arctic and Sub-Arctic tribes

Inuits from Cape Dorset in Canada

Different artwork and history. Just select links on the page to navigate around the site.

The Inuits

Detailed and informative site about different aspects of Inuit life. Great site but some annoying pop-ups!


Arctic Studies Centre
Click on the different figures to explore about the Aleut, Inuit (Eskimo) and Athabascan tribes.


Voices of the Inuit (1)

Voices of the Inuit (2)

Voices of the Inuit (3)

From the Library and Archives of Canada about Inuit stories. All three pages can be accessed from the menu on the left.


The North-West Coast Indians

North-West Coast Indians - by Mr Leech

Information page on North-West Coast Indians by Mr Leech. An informative page to start your research.


Carnegie museum page about the Tlingit

Read the information page and then find more information from the links on the left-hand side.


Haida - Spirits of the Sea
***** Superb site on the Haida indians.  Sections on art, culture, fishing, food and canoes.  Beautiful graphics.


Haida and Tsimshian - Virtual tour
*** Take a virtual tour of the houses and grand hall of these interesting tribes.


The Canadian Museum of Civilisation
**** Explore the Canadian Museum of Civilisation and their fantastic collection of NW Coast Indian artefacts. Use the menu at the top to access the artefacts or read about other aspects of these Native Americans.


The Eastern Woodlands

The Cherokee

Detailed site by the Cherokee Nation. Lots of links here to investigate - underneath the picture and on the right-hand side.


Carnegie Museum of Natural History - the Iroquois

Read the page and follow the links for lot of information about the Iroquois.

Woodcut images of Indians
*** A large collection of 16th and 17th century images of the tribes in Virginia.


South West Indians

Photographs of the Hopi (1)

Photographs of the Hopi (2)
**** Masses of portraits of the Hopi taken by Adam Clark Vroman between 1895 and 1904. Just select the numbers on the left to move through the pictures.


Council of Indian Nations site

This link takes you to the history of the trabes in this area. Explore the site to find more information about modern-day Native Americans.


The Carnegie Museum of Natural History - the Hopi

An information page with some links down the left-hand side to research more aspects of the Hopi.


Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

Look at the "19 Pueblos" and the "Museum" tabs in particular. You will have to dig around a bit to find the information but well worth a look.


The Great Basin

UTE indian museum - virtual tour


UTE Legacy site


Shoshone Indian

Paiute Indians


The Plains Indians

Mr. Leech's (brilliant) Plains Indians info page


The Plains Indians (Saskatchewan History)
This site is being re-developed. This link takes you to a detailed page where you can access different aspects of Native American society. These pages are detailed but keep checking their homepage for resouces under development.


The Luxton Museum of the Plains Indian
***** The best place to start researching the Plains Indians.


The Carnegie museum

An information page with some links down the left-hand side to research more aspects of the Lokata.


Native American Index
**** An excellent site giving detailed information on indian life, the sun dance, sweat lodges etc.


Plains indians - quizzes & games
**** A good activity to revise what you have learnt.  Quizzes and interactive diagrams will test your skill and knowledge.


Life as an Indian child
**Life as an Indian child written from their perspective. Easy to navigate and some good pictures

The History Channel
**lots of information and maps on the Plains Indians and the Plains wars. Quite complicated.

All about Buffalo
**Lots of information on the buffalo - quite complicated text, but some good pictures.  

The Cree People: A  Virtual Gallery
**** A beautiful gallery of photographs of modern-day Cree people living on a reservation and preserving  their traditions.


Learn Cree hand signals
*** Find out how to do Cree sign language!


Cree Games
*** Learn how to play Cree indian games!














The American West

PBS: The West
**** Masses of detailed information about the American West, with maps, biographies, chronologies etc.


Westwatd expansion
*** Information from the History Channel.