The Norman Conquest

1. The invasions of 1066.
2. How William gained control of England.



The invasions of 1066

Battle of Hastings game
***** Choose to play as William or Harold!  Flash graphics mean you can watch the two sides battle it out as they follow your instructions.

Norman Conquest site
***** A great site with quizzes, fun pages etc.

BBC Normans homepage
**** Interesting articles about the background to the Norman conquest, the key events, the Bayeux Tapestry etc. much of it written by Dr. Mike Ibeji.  Useful for research.

Essential Norman Conquest site
**** A fun site with lots of images and photos that you can zoom in on and rotate - the sights and sounds of the conquest!

The Anglo-Saxons
**** A fun site from the BBC which tells you about England before 1066.

The Complete Bayeux Tapestry
*** Look at the whole tapestry and find out what it all means.

"Unpicking the Bayeux Tapestry"
*** Dave MacLeod's guide to understanding this important source, helping sift truth from myth.

The Gruesome Funeral of William I
**** Read all the disgusting details!!


How William controlled England


How William took contron of England

Focus On... Domesday
***** A chance to explore what it tells us

More about the Domesday book
Find out more about how it was made and what it tells us.

Explore the complete Domesday book online
A brand new searchable database including all 13,418 records from the Domesday book - can you find your area?


What can we learn about England in the 11th century

Online lesson from the Learning Curve. Based on evidence from the Domesday Book.