The Roman Empire

1. Maps of the empire.
2. Why the Romans wanted an empire.
3. The Roman Army.
4. Did people love or hate the Romans?



Roman Empire - the places

Interactive map of the Empire

Map which can be searched for information about parts of the empire



Why the Romans wanted an Empire

BBC page about why the Romans invaded Britain

Worksheet with tasks and some information about why the Romans wanted an empire

More information about the Roman invasion of Britain



The Roman Army

BBC page aimed at primary schools - good starting point

Junior school page explaining structure of the army

Informative page with activities to download

Re-enactment group with some good information and links



Did people love or hate the Roman Empire?

BBC primary school page about life in the Empire

PBS site about rich and poor

SchoolHistory page highlighting benefits of Roman rule

Kidipede page highlighting different experiences of people in the empire

Links to short information pages about aspects of life in the empire