World War II, 1939-1945.


1. General sites 8. The bombing of Germany
2. Weapons and tactics 9. D Day
3. Dunkirk 10. The Home Front
4. The Battle of Britain 11. The war in the Pacific
5. The Blitz 12. The atomic bombs
6. The Battle of the Atlantic 13. The Holocaust
7. Pearl Harbor 14. Secret agents
15. War art


General sites

Spartacus Educational
***** An amazingly informative website which covers all aspects of the Second World War - the major offensives, events, personalities and experiences.


War and Conflict: World War II
*****An outstanding BBC website which covers all aspects of the war.


WW2 videos
** From the History Channel.



Information pages from the History Channel. Broken down into smaller sections.

Weapons and tactics


Informative article from the BBC.


Blitzkrieg (lightning war)

Good site from the Holocaust Memorial Museum in the USA. Click on the links on the right-hand side to see interviews and film footage.


Spartacus - blitzkrieg

Good, informative site and a good introduction.


How stuff works

Some useful information. A bit text-heavy and quite a few adverts.


Infantry weapons of WW2

A very detailed site which dedicates a page to different types of infantry weapons. Scroll down to access the index.







Fall of France BBC Animation
***** A brilliant Flash animation from the BBC showing how Nazi blitzkreig tactics quickly overcame France and drove the British back to Dunkirk.


BBC Dunkirk slide show
*** A good visual introduction.


BBC Dunkirk stories and links
Masses to read,  including interviews with some of the survivors.



Another short article from the BBC. Linked to a TV programme but the information is good.




The Battle of Britain

BBC Battle of Britain slide show
***** An excellent site that includes photos, text, audio and useful links.


History Learning Site

Really detailed webite about the battle. Plenty of links to follow. Is there a Battle of Britain veteran in your family?


Imperial War Museum

Nice site from the Imperial War Museum.


Official Battle of Britain webite

Choice of two links to follow to find out more about this important chapter of the war.


Hull's own air force station

Read about this fascinating aspect of our local history. There are lots of other facts to find out too such as decoys of Hull on the Holderness plains and defences at Tunstall. See what else you can find.




The Blitz

The forgotten city

This site gives information about the casualties in Hull caused by German raids.


People's war

Accounts by people who lived through the bombings in Hull.


The Hull Blitz Map

Select different sections of the city to find out when they were bombed and the damage suffered.


70th anniversary flypast

Short article from the BBC giving some precise facts and figures, plus a short film.


Northern cemetery

Brief article from the CWGC with information about the graves in Northern Cemetery which includes the Citizens' War Memorial dedicated to people killed in the air raids. This page has a photograph of this little-known memorial.


The bombed cinema on Beverley Road

Article from the BBC on what it claims "to be the last example of a civilian bomb-damaged building in the UK".




The Battle of the Atlantic

Battle of the Atlantic Strategy Game
**** A great game from the BBC  - learn the secrets of destroying enemy U-boats and protect your convoy!


The U-boat peril

Informative article from the BBC.


History Learning Site

Nice short article which includes some key facts and points about how Britain survived.


John D Clare's site

Nice page with links and sources as well as information.


The battle of the Atlantic gallery

Interesting pictures and information from the Merseyside Maritime Museum.


Imperial War Mueum

Lots of pages and pictures to look at one this site.






Pearl Harbor

The History Channel - Pearl Harbor
A good site with some cool flash graphics!


'A Rude Awakening' - by Bruce Robinson (BBC article)
Claims that conspiracy theorists have got it all wrong.


Declaration of War on Japan
*** See the original draft of the famous speech by Roosevelt delivered after the attack on Pearl Harbour.


The bombing of Germany

Was Churchill justified to order the bombing of Dresden?
**** An interesting chance to investigate.


The bombing of Germany - an American view

Film by PBS. Lasts 50 minutes and tells the story of American bombing raids.


Impact of the bombing of Germany

This article in The Guardian examines the effectiveness of the bombing campaigns.


British bombing strategies in WW2

Article from the BBC.

D Day

Operation Overlord BBC animation
**** A great animated map which shows where the Allies and how they drove the German forces back.

Soldiers' Stories of D-Day
**** Listen to soldiers recalling the events of D-Day and their personal experiences.

All about D-Day

The Home Front

The home front
A great site from the Learning Curve (Public Records Office).


London at War
***** An exciting and interactive site giving opportunities to explore life in the capital during the Blitz.


Home Front Encyclopaedia
**** A detailed research area from Spartacus Educational about every aspect of the Home Front during World War II.


The Home Front. How did people prepare for war at home?
*** An on-line lesson from Learning Curve.


**** An excellent site virtual museum, sound archive, photo gallery etc.

The war in the Pacific

Photos of the Pacific War
** An interesting collection of photos of US troops in action between 1942 and 1945.


WW2 in the Pacific

Outline of the Pacific war from the Holocaust Museum.


The Pacific War Historical Society

Lots of information on this site.


A People at War
*** A site dedicated to documenting the contribution of ordinary Americans to the war effort. Explore some of the other links about WW2.

The atomic bombs

Harry S. Truman

From the Truman Library. Not all links can be accessed but still some interesting information about the man who gave the order to drop the bomb.


Was the USA justified in dropping the bomb?

Mostly well-informed opinions showing both sides of the argument. Arranged in a simple "Yes" and "No" column format. Some thought-provoking opinions.


Was Truman justified to order the dropping of the Atomic bombs?
**** A chance to investigate and make up your own mind.

The Holocaust

The History Channel - remembering the Holocaust

Photographs and information.
***** The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum - excellent resource which features online exhibitions on Kristallnacht and on other cases of Genocide in the world.
***** The Holocaust Martyrs and Heroes Remembrance Authority in Israel.  A moving and comprehensive site with an album of holocaust photos and several other online exhibitions.


Child survivors of the Holocaust
**** Read the remarkable stories of four survivors of the Holocaust (includes audio and video material).  BBC site.


Anne Frank's House
*** A useful page for research into the life of Anne Frank.


Belsen Concentration Camp, 1945. What did the British find when they entered Belsen?
*** An on-line lesson from Learning Curve.





Secret agents


MI5 homepage
**** The official homepage of MI5!  Has a brief history of its intelligence work since its establishment in 1909.

Enigma Code Breaker
***** Fascinating!  Watch film clips, see Java-displays and lectures about the Enigma code breaking machine developed at Bletchley Park.


Special Operations Executive
Find out about the role of the Special Operations Executive during the Second World War - their missions, James Bond-style gagdets etc.


The Saboteurs' Gallery
**** A BBC site with great pictures of SOE gadgets like the exploding rat!


Assassinate Hitler. How did the British plan to kill Hitler?
*** An on-line lesson from Learning Curve.


War art

USA Propaganda posters
**** Click on the links for Part 1 and Part 2 to open up pages with American WW2 posters.


Famous war artists and cartoonists
*** Examples of their work and information about the artists themselves.