Communism and Fascism.


1. Communism (USSR)

- General sites

- Past tsars - Peter the Great

- Past Tsars - Catherine the Great

- Maps (various)

- Nicholas II

- The Revolutions of 1917

- The USSR


2. Fascism (Italy)












General sites:

PBS: The Face of Russia
***** A brilliant interactive timeline with audio and video clips which leads you through a thousand years of Russian history.


Alexander Palace Homepage
***** A brilliant site with loads of fascinating articles, exhibitions, pictures - particularly strong on the reign of Nicholas II (1894-1917).


Face to face with the Czars
*** A chance to see portraits of all the Romanov czars and read short biographies of them.


Treasures of the Romanovs
**** An interactive museum of artefacts from the Romanov period.


Russian icons explained
** An interesting account of how icons are made and used.


The Russian Orthodox Church explained
** More useful info.


Playground of the Czars
*** A collection of quirky pages - a quick guide to the Russian language, some funny facts about the czars etc.


The History of the Russian Navy
*** An informative text with some great pictures too.


Pictures of Russian History
** A beautiful collection of paintings illustrating aspects of Russian History.


Today in Russian History!
Find out what happened on this date....


Peter the Great
*** A well-written article about Peter I and his reforms - ideal for A-level students.

Peter the Great and the Rise of Russia, 1682-1725 (Modern History Sourcebook, Fordham) -- Short extracts from Burnet, Von Korb, Gordon, and Missy.


Catherine the Great

Catherine the Great (Modern History Sourcebook, Fordham) -- Short extracts from the Baron de Breteuil and Catherine's own laws.



Maps of Russia
A collection of maps covering European and Asian Russia. Just scroll down to get the two sections on Russia.


Nicholas II (Tsar at time of the Revolution)

The Alexander Palace Time Machine
***** An enormous site dedicated to exploring the everyday life of Nicholas II at the Palace - with guided tours, on-line books, exhibitions. This is a must-see site!


St. Petersburg in 1900
**** A photographic tour.


The last years and death of Nicholas II

The (true) story of Anastasia


The letters of Tsar Nicholas II to the Tsarina


The real Tsarina Alexandra


The Jewels of the Tsars - exhibition highlights


The Revolutions of 1917

Spartacus - Russian Revolution encyclopaedia
***** Another brilliant resource from the Spartacus site - it details the key events, political groups and revolutionaries involved in the Russian Revolution


War and Revolution in Russia 1914-1921
An interesting article from BBC History by Dr Jonathan Smele.


Other Russian Revolution links



The Soviet Archive
The Library of Congress' Soviet Archive is not particularly attractive to look at, but contains a wealth of fascinating information and documents.


The Museum of Communism
This interesting site covers more than just Soviet history - it's worth checking out.

Other Russian Revolution links






























Mussolini and Fascism in Italy

Series of articles looking at Mussolini and Italy in the 1920s.


Italy 1900-1939

Links to articles on the History Learning Site. Includes articles on Mussolini's rise to power and life in Italy at this time.


Mussolini in pictures
A collection of photos and images Mussolini, including several of his execution.


Commando Supremo - Italy at War
An amazing resource including masses of information, photos, speeches, video and audio downloads - it mainly concentrates on Italy's role in World War II
Wikipedia's intelligent article.