The British Empire.


1. Maps & general sites 4. Kenya and Africa
2. New Zealand 5. India
3. Australia 6. Emigration
7. After the Empire


Maps and general sites about the Empire

BBC interactive map

See the empire grow and routes develop. Can be operated manually by selecting dates or played automatically. Well worth a look.


British Empire map

Click on different areas of the world map to see a more detailed map of that area.


More detailed map

As with the link above, select a place on the map to see parts of the empire in more detail. This page is very detailed.


Atlas of the British Empire

Fantastic site about the Empire. Well set out and very informative. A good starting place or for more in-depth research.


Countries of the empire

Interesting short article on the empire which is followed by a more detailed list of countries which were once part of the empire and includes information such as date of independence and population.


Trading routes

Animated map with narrative which talks through the development of the empire. Worth a look.



Thorough article outlining the development of the British Empire.


Learning Curve: British Empire Exhibition
A clever exhibition which allows you to read actual documents to understand how the British built and maintained and eventually lost their empire.

Secrets of the Empire
***** Try the 'Secrets of the Empire' interactive game!
An interesting site with lots of articles.


BBC: British Empire and Seapower
An extensive set of links, articles and animations from the brilliant BBC site.














New Zealand

The Captain Cook Museum

An informative website linked to the excellent museum in Whitby.


BBC historic figures - Captain Cook

Brief page from the BBC about the life of Captain Cook.


Captain Cook birthplace museum

A fun website about the life and voyages of Captain Cook. Includes and excellent timeline.


National Maritime Museum

Informative page about the important voyages of Captain Cook


Britain and the Mauri

Examines the native people of New Zealand and British rule. Navigate to the home page to look at other aspects of the British Empire and other empires.


100% pure New Zealand

This tourism webite has three good articles on the history of New Zealand. This link takes you to the first article then just select the "Treaty of Waitangi" and "Early settlement" at the bottom of the article.




BBC class clips

A 3 minute film from the BBC archive telling the story of some people who were transported. You may have seen this one in school.


The Old Bailey online

This link should take you directly to a list of people who have been transported. You can then select the summary of the case. This is a great site and worth looking around for more than just transportation. Do you have any criminal ancestors?


The National Archives

You have to pay to look at individual records on this site but this page contains some interesting information about transportation.


Transfortation, 1788-1868

Short article outlining the history of transportation. Aimed at higher-level readers!


History of transportation

Outline history of some of the key features of transportation to Australia.


The gold rush

Detail site telling the story of the discovery of gold in Australia




Kenya and Africa

Administration of British East Africa

This article looks at how Britain gained control of Kenya during the "Scramble for Africa".


British East Africa

This detailed account of British influence in Kenya from the 1880s. From the same site as the link above and continues the story of British control.



Very short article about the history of Kenco coffee. Although there is little information about Kenya as part of the empire it is interesting to see how a familiar brandname developed from the colonial period.


These next four links are taken from the same BBC programme about a typical family (although the Grants in this film are not real) who migrated to Kenya at the start of colonial rule and returned after independence.

BBC class clips (1) - the division of Africa

Looks at how Britain gained control of Kenya and the early planters and links in well with the story of Kenco above.


BBC class clips (2) - life in the empire

Looks at what life was like for the white people and black people in Kenya during the colonial period.


BBC class clips (3) - trouble in Kenya

Looks at how the war weakened Britain and how Britain began to lose control of Kenya.


BBC class clips (4) - the birth of African Kenya

This three minute film looks at Kenya gaining indendence.


Arguments about colonialism

This film looks at arguments for an against colonialism. Fits in well with the class clips about independence above.



A look at migration and the empire. Narated by Jeremy Paxman.


Retricted entry to the UK

Looks at one of the consequences of British rule in Kenya and how the government tried to deal with immigration to the UK.












Timeline of the Raj

Brief timeline of the Raj. Quite a few adverts but some interesting facts.


From Empire to Independence

This detailed BBC article looks at British rule in India from beginning to end.


BBC - The East India Company

A 45-minute radio broadcast from the BBC. More for people with a strong interest in the EIC than the casual listener!


The East India Company

Website of this famous company. Just point you mouse over the icons on the main body of the page to find our some really interesting facts, including a short film with Dan Snow. Remember, this is the website for a commercial company which is trying to promote itself.


The British presence in India

Quite a detailed article from the BBC. Again, more for a real enthusiast rather than people looking for a short read.


The Sepoy Rebellion of 1857

Brief look at the rebellion of 1857 when Indian soldiers in the British army rebelled.


Formation of the Indian National Congress 1885

Brief look at increasing opposition to Britih rule in India.


Gandhi and the Salt March 1930

Brief look at one example of Gandhi's resistance to British rule.


The British Raj in India

Interesting article covering the Raj which is broken down into small readable chunks. Quite a few adverts.


Indian glass-plate negatives

These recently discovered slides show life in the Raj from 1912.


Last days of the Raj

This Channel 4 drama/documentary looks at the troubled last months of the empire. You will have to log onto 4od to access.











The British Empire - migration

This excellent site from the National Archives looks at the experiences of different people who went to live in different parts of the empire. This link takes you to the main page and you can explore the different countries or you can select the link titled "Migration".


Adult migration in the Empire

Quite a detailed article which looks at how people particularly moved from Britain to different parts of the empire.


Migration in the nineteenth century

Another very informative article on migration in the empire. Just be aware that thi is a blog and does reflect the opinions of the writer.


Scotland and emigration

These 6 articles look at the some of the issues of people leaving Scotland to live in different parts of the empire.


A short history of immigration

Although we are mainly looking at people leaving the UK this BBC article reminds us that it was a two-way process and many people came to live in Britain.



Produced by students at Dulwich Hill Public School. Try the different quizzes about migration.










After the Empire

Bound for Britain. Experiences of immigration to the UK.
*** On-line lesson from Learning Curve.
**** A useful guide to the Commonwealth for young people.  It explains how the Commonwealth came to exist, how it works and gives details on all 54 member states.  Try the quiz!


The Queen and the Commonwealth

Official webpage of the royal family with information about the Queen's role in the Commonwealth