The Vietnam War.


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Edexcel links

Learning curve

Some good information and sources to examine - including film footage. You will need to click on the box labelled "Case Studies" to look at the sources for Vietnam.



A really thorough account of the war in Vietnam.

** This site is a bit hard to access but can be used to find out some key terms, tactics, battles, etc. Certainly worth a look if you are researching the war. Unfortunately there are some adverts on this site and some pages link to resources for sale (such as books on the war) rather than an information page.


Two documents which may help you investigate the controlled assessment. Potentially some useful information depending on the question you are answering.



An informative page - similar to Spartacus but a bit less detailed so well worth reading in the early stage of your research.


You Tube

Used smartly this can be a fantastic resource for finding film clips. A good strategy is to search for tactics such as:

  • search and destroy

  • napalm

  • Agent Orange

Caution: anyone can put these clips together and some may contain disturbing images or unsuitable music/commentary. The Vietnam War is a very emotive topic so it is advisable to get guidance from your teacher about appropriate clips.







PBS - Vietnam
***** Very good site to accompany the PBS TV series.  The sections on weaponry, who's who, and the 'language of war' are particularly useful and informative.

Interviews with Vietnam Veterans
*** Fascinating personal testimonies provided by Spartacus.


Vietnam Veterans' Homepage
A site 'to honor Vietnam Veterans, living and dead, who served their country on either side of the conflict.'  Good photos of the war, contemporary Vietnam, maps, personal testimonies etc.



*** Covers many aspects of the war - some in quite a bit of detail. Just make sure you double-check the facts!


The History Place

* This site largely contains key dates from the Vietnam War. Not recommended for information but useful if you want to get your head around the chronology or look up an event.


The Vietnam war

**** This site is nicely organised and contains some good information. There are also lots of pictures to look at too.


Vietnam War Internet Project

** Not a lot of written information but plenty of links to pictures. Useful if you want to know what some of the weapons you are researching look like.


Vassar College

*** A well-organised site which is easy to navigate. Links in the text take you to documents from the time of the war. This site also contains links to other websites. Could be useful for research.


BBC news page

*** Basic information about the war. A useful starting place for beginning your research just to get a good idea about the basics of the war.


British Pathe

** This site has lots of newsreel footage which can be viewed for free. This link takes you straight to the videos on Vietnam. If you want to narrow the search then type "Vietnam War" instead in the search box. Unfortunately this site now has adverts which are annoying!


Teaching the Vietnam War

Aimed more at teachers but you might find some useful information.


Three photographs

Thi site looks at how some of the photographs from the war helped to encourage opposition to the war. Useful when looking at Bii for the controlled assessment.

Click here for a list of useful links on the Vietnam War provided by Spartacus. This is a good starting place to find more information about Vietnam.


Amusing videos from the BBC:

How the US got involved

The War in Vietnam

The US gets out

After the Vietnam War


Finally, let your History teacher know if you discover a great site so we can continue to improve this part of the site every year. Ideally a good site should be:

• informative

• interesting

• free from adverts!!