Britain and WW1.


1. The Western Front 2. The Home Front



The Western Front

World War One Movies
***** A series of six on-line BBC movies. Just select the relevant chapter. Topics on the Western Front include:
2. Night patrol
3. Life in the Trenches
4. Over the top
5. Gas Attack
6. Injury and shell shock 


1914-1918 Western Front BBC animation
Clever animation showing how the battle lines changed during the war.


Virtual tour of a trench


Photo archive (1)

Links to a number of Western Front photos to view.


Photo archive (2)

Selection of photograph from different countries involved in the war.


Photo archive (3)

Excellent photogallery of life on the Western Front. Check out the links as well to other sites.
***** An outstanding resource by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission – enter your surname and find out if any relatives were killed in the world wars.  As the epitaph says “for your tomorrow, we gave our today.”


Spartacus Educational - Trench War Encyclopaedia
****An excellent section on all aspects of trench warfare (part of the larger World War One Encyclopaedia from Spartacus.


WW1 battles

Part of the Spartacus site.


Technology of WW1

A few key weapons.


Soldiers of WW1

Information about some of the people who fought in the war.


Learning Curve: The Great War
***** A fascinating and visual guide to World War One with lots of original documents to explore.


BBC History
*****WWI information from BBC Education. Once on the site, pupils can view a chronology, read newspaper articles from the Daily Mirror written at that time, view a 3D trench (need Flash player) and listen to eye-witness accounts of the war.
**** An excellent site - which offers the chance to take virtual tours of the major battle sites: Ypres, Mons etc.  It also has a photo archive of all the major war memorials.


Think Quest
****Lots of useful information and pictures on the following topics - biographies, armoury, etc.


NLS - Experiences of War
Read about the First World War from the perspectives of Haig, a nurse and an ordinary Scottish soldier.  Good resource from the National Library of Scotland.


On-line lesson on the causes of the war
*** Aimed at GCSE level this lesson explains why the war started and gives opportunities for you to test yourself.


WW1 true stories

Part of the BBC schools pages. You can explore the experience of four different people through their photos, diaries, newspaper clippings, etc.


War diaries
Select from hundreds of different soldiers' war diaries and see how each soldier's experience of the war differed.


WW1 A soldiers Record- What can you tell?
*** An on-line lesson from Learning Curve.


The links below are all taken from the BBC class clips archive. Have a look here at the videos for WW1. Here are just a couple of interest:

Video - The four main causes of the war


Video - What was it like inside a tank?


Video - The perils of being a fighter ace


Video - First World War graves


Amusing videos from the BBC:

Long term causes of the war


Amusing BBC animations:

The causes of WW1




































The Home Front

World War One Movies
***** A series of six on-line BBC movies. The only chapter on the Home Front is:
1. Volunteering and recruitment


Photo archive (1)

Link to a home front photo collection.


Recruitment Posters

Some of the iconic posters from WW1.

World War One Encyclopaedia

From Spartacus. Good links to the home front are:


War Propaganda Bureau

Canadian troops arrive in Britain

Asquith forms coalition government

Zeppelin raids


Lloyd George wins election

Role of women

Lloyd George becomes Prime Minister

Royal family change name

Also, check out the Spartacus Home Front page.


Video - Women at war

Remember to check out the class clips archive from the BBC.


Aftermath of World War I
**** A moving and well-designed site exploring the aftermath of the war - the bereavements, monuments, remembrance and poetry.